Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sarah & Micky

These photos make it look warm and sunny! (it was sunny, but it was NOT warm.) We walked around the MSU Gardens with poor Sarah freezing in her cute green and black dress. Teh previous day I was sweating at a photoshoot, and this day I was freezing. You gotta love Michigan weather! Sarah and Micky are planning an August wedding and Sarah has woven little statements of symbolism throughout their day. The pair is giving out pretzel favors representing their intertwined journey and love for each other and they are also using butterflies to represent metamorphasis and change.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Haslett Seniors

Memorial Day at Lake Lansing Park, I was honored to photograph a group of 11 graduating seniors from Haslett High School. This was so much fun and they were awesome to shoot. We were quite the spectacle walking around the park, but it didn't bother the girls and we did quite a few different poses. Congratulations ladies and thanks for a fun afternoon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Our neighbor Drew had his first portrait session this morning. He and our son Austin are only 5 weeks apart. Drew started out shy, but ended with all smiles and ready for lunch. Brent and I think he looks like his mom Emily, and we can't wait to teach the boys Go Green, Go White!

Our Garage

This weekend we bought a cool orange chair at a garage sale for $17! So, we decided to test out a garage studio and the lighting was amazing! Sometimes it hurt to look at the camera because the light outside was so bright, so we are working out the logistics, but it will be great to have a taller place to take pictures and it won't matter if it is raining. Oh, and last week Brent also made a sweet beauty dish (a circular lighting unit for the flash) out of items he purchased at Lowe's. A $125-300 item turned into a $15 project. Yay for handy husbands!

United Way

Monday I had another photo shoot for the United Way book project. Barb lost her apartment and her cat to a fire last month. She took me to the site and it was amazing to see how it brought so much emotion back to her, even though she now lives in the apartment across the parking lot. The apartment had 12 families, and everyone escaped unharmed. They lost everything. The crew is slowly finding different items belonging to resident's and they have located her lock box and strangely an indian blanket that was untouched, although the container it was in was destroyed. I was very thankful to her for sharing this experience with me, and I know her story will help the United Way, and hopefully many other families.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Logan celebrates his second birthday today, May 20th! He loved running around in our studio and instead of sitting in the chairs, he liked to carry them around. What a great smile! We are looking forward to family portraits in the summer.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Centennial Gala

Friday, May 16th, the Country Club of Lansing celebrated their 100 year anniversary. Our gala coverage started at 4:30pm and wrapped up at 12:00am. After about 200 portraits of couples, I photographed the event, groups of members, dancing, the beautiful decor, and all the fun to be had. What an amazing event to celebrate this historical milestone. Congratulations Country Club of Lansing.


During most of her session, Karly was captivated by our cat (which we then used as a creative diversion) and our son Austin. She loved climbing all the props!

Heidi & Britton

Wow. This couple is so flirty and in love, all I had to do was be there! The lighting was perfect and Heidi & Britton were excited to try out all the crazy ideas I had for our session. I still have some more images to get through, and I know their wedding will be amazing.


Chloe's first birthday portraits. Chloe and her parents came over for their first session on a beautiful Saturday morning. She has the cutest cheeks and smile and I love this last image with the dandelion. Her innocence is so captivating.


Ashley's 2nd Birthday portraits were a lot of fun. She is always running around during our session, and we get such cute natural smiles from her. It is amazing to watch her grow!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Austin's Dedication

Today we dedicated our son Austin to the Lord. The service was great, and honored mothers for Mother's Day. These portraits were taken in our home studio with our family and his god parents, Scott & Janelle Taylor.

Katie & Ryan

Perfect overcast skies, a slight breeze and a beautiful evening for engagement portraits. Katie & Ryan are planning a June 28th wedding at Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Open House Invitation

This design is a custom Open House Invitation for one of my seniors this year. The 5x7 image is a flat card, double sided and will be sent to family. The smaller cards are for friends. These are printed on pearlized paper.

Ashley's Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated our niece Ashley's 2nd birthday. It was really windy, but the weather was warm most of the day. Our son Austin loved watching all the kids run around.