Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alison & Noah

Noah and Alison were married Saturday, April 25th at Adrian College. I cannot remember a day with such strong wind, but it was warm and we missed the rain, so we were very lucky! The details of this wedding were so beautiful and personal, Alison helped to design both cakes, and actually made quite a few of the decor items! The Jif cake was the coolest groom's cake I have seen yet! I had a hard time only choosing a few images, you I hope you enjoy seeing a bit more on my blog than normal... Congrats you two, and have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adorable Ava

Ava is such a little doll. I had the pleasure of babysitting her a few days this week. I am very blessed because she is super easy going and smiles a lot. Basically a dream child. So anyway, I figured since she needed her diaper changed anyway, why not take her down to the studio and take a few shots before I got her dressed again! (If only changing diapers were always this cute!)

Monday, April 20, 2009


When I first met this awesome family, Amber was expecting. Joey decided to arrive about 7 weeks early (just days after her maternity session) and was the tiniest little newborn I have photographed. One of my all time favorite images is from that session, and I have it on one of my business cards.
It was so exciting to see how much he has grown and what an amazing little guy he is becoming! His smile is so precious he just melts your heart. To view more of this session, visit Joey's Gallery at www.kristyphotography.com, and click on client proofing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kasey & Garrett

Saturday, April 18th, Kasey and Garrett tied the knot on one of the most amazing spring afternoons that I can remember. The two were married at the People's Church in East Lansing with the reception at Hawk Hollow Golf Course. One of the things I loved about this group was the UofM vs. MSU attitude of the families. It was hilarious, and as the best man said in his toast, if the two can overcome this insurmountable obstacle during football season, they can overcome anything! Our best of luck to the two of you. Congratulations Carters!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Logan is turning three next month, and in these images, he looks so grown up! One of the things that was so much fun about Logan is that he knows his colors based on the Disney Cars character. Instead of saying Green, he says, Chick. Blue is King and Red is McQueen. Too cute.

Our Family on Easter

Brent and I outside with our son Austin.

Easter Sunday

One of the things we really love about our church is the amazing time of worship and dramatic interpretation of God's word. Jordan's artisic illustration of the changes we make, and the metamorpasis we go though as Christians was inspiring.

Easter this year was amazing. A close friend of ours, Sylvester, was baptized during the Easter service at our church, Trinity. For me, Easter is really a time to thank God for the amazing sacrifice he made with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Believers and non-believers alike celebrate this time of rebirth and we were so honored to be there when Sly chose to show publicly, thorough baptism, his death and rebirth in Christ.

Seven Months for Nicholas

Nicholas is really starting to show off his personality! From 7-12 months old is one of my favorite times to photograph babies because they have awesome expressions, and can't run away! Nicholas is starting to scoot away though, so our sit and smile days will soon be behind us...
Ashley also had the chance to show off her Easter dress at Aunt Kristy's house. She is so adorable and innocent I had to include this shot of her. She will be three in a couple of weeks and with her extensive vocabulary, it seems like she will be five. Our son Austin aboslutely loves her.


My sister in law, Janelle, is one of the most beautiful people I know. Both inside and out. She is a hairsylist (fantastic at it might I add) and is updating her business cards, so I was lucky enough to shoot a few headshots of her this past weekend.