Saturday, June 27, 2009

Riley is One

Riley, our adorable neighbor, just turned one this month. She has the cutest smile, and is a pretty happy little girl. I love living in a neighborhood with so many young families who know exactly what I am going through with my one year old, and also a never ending stream of front yard visitors on a beautiful sunny day!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Last year I found a couple of baseball gloves and baseballs at a garage sale for $5. Having a boy, I always drool over these adorable baby girls in pettiskirts, with little wings or wands, or dresses... So eat your heart out ladies, the baseball is for the boys, and I love it!!
Carter did so well during his session, we even managed to capture his amazing baby smile. The toothless grin has a captivating power that brings pure joy. I think if you are having a bad day, just look at that little face, and your attitude should change instantly!


I love our frist year packages. Not only do I get to know these amazing little ones and watch them grow, I also become friends with some amazing families. Hattie and Ken are so much fun to hang out with. They have awakened my tastes to pecan pancakes at the Cracker Barrell, and taught me more about geese, than I think I would like to know.
One of my favorite shots lately has to be babies wrapped in a towel. This one is pretty simple to do at home as well. If you have a big white sheet or comforter, lay it down next to the biggest brightest window in your home. (You can also prop the white sheet from a chair to create a white background as well. Then throw a white towel over your dipered baby and presto, cutie pie picture that draws you straight to your baby's eyes. One warning, this pretty much only works for babies before they can crawl.... After that, the tend to escape, throw the towel, rip down the background - general baby mayhem... Good luck and email me your towel pics if you decide to try one!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sarah & Will

Sarah and Will were married at a quaint little church in St. Johns, Michigan. Their ceremony was personal and shared with close family and friends, and you could tell the love and commitment these two share. Most of the time we are able to sit down and meet with our couples before the wedding, get to know them, answer questions they may have, you know the deal... With Sarah and Will, they trusted us so completely, that I arrived at the church to meet the bride for the very first time! I feel so grateful that amazing clients, like Tali, refer me to their friends. Thanks Tali and Congratulations Sarah and Will!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Bailey is such a sweet little girl. She is six months old and was mezmorized by all the studio lights. I should warn parents before we get started that I am slightly crazy. The warning would read as follows:
Parental Warning: During your session I may make animal sounds, shake random objects, squeak ducks, fake laugh, sneeze and make fart noises, say you child's name about 1,000 times in different tones, voices and pitches, trip over my own feet, let your child pee all over the studio, clap my hands, sing songs, play peekabo, blow bubbles and utilize other methods of attracting your child's attention. Do not be alarmed, all of these methods are completely normal and have been tested for your safety on my son Austin. If at any point, you feel the need to rattle your keys, fake burp, sing your child's favorite song, clap loudly, clean up spit up.... do not worry. I have done it all, am not secretly recording you and pass no judgement whatsoever on your singing voice. Please direct any questions to the management. (He will be napping from 2-4pm and goes to bed at 8pm nightly)

Berry Brothers

The Berry brothers, Brad and Nick, brought their families to the park for portraits and a Father's Day gift. This was so much fun and Levi, the two year old, was Batman for the morning. He cracks me up. And my little muse Sela, of coure we did a few of her alone. She is getting more adorable everyday. Love you Berry Bunch!


Three day old Connor honestly took my breath away. He has amazing long blond hair and still had that sweet fuzziness on his back and shoulders. His mom Allison told me that when she found out that she was pregnant, she was excited for me to take his portraits. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I love what I do, and am honored to help parents capture these amazing moments in their children's lives.

Taylor & Chad

Taylor and Chad brought their beautiful collie Leeland with them for their engagement session. I am always a little aprehensive with dogs, especially on campus, with runners, squirrells, other dogs.... you get the idea. Anyway, all my preconcieved notions were dispelled with the most well behaved dog I have ever met. Honestly Leeland never barked. Not even once. We had perfect weather and a light dusting of cottonwood gently falling from the trees. At one spot it was almost like snow. We had a lot of fun and I know their wedding on Gun Lake is going to be amazing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Little feet are so darn cute. This last image is one of my favorites, with little Lucas in the middle of his two big sisters. I have wanted to do this shot for a while, and finally had a group I knew it would work with! Next time I will add Mom and Dad too and make a little 'foot pile'! One of the many blessings of being a photographer is getting to meet these little angels, and see amazing families, like this one, grow.