Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Funny Family

After our Thanksgiving meal with my side of the family, Brent and I thought it would be nice to get a few updated family portraits, since we were all dressed nicely, and we are very thankful for our family... We had my mom snap the family images, and our anticipation for the perfect photo,... quickly faded. Austin is normally a very smiley and happy baby. This was not the case tonight. He was done with pictures, and he let us know it! (I still love the adorable crying face.. isn't that terrible. We are cracking up and our baby is in tears. We know that one is going in the baby book!)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Satin Sessions

As a photographer and woman, I believe that one of the most powerful things I can do is to help reveal the beauty you already have inside. Our Satin Sessions are designed to be a private portrait session for married (or soon to be married) women. You can schedule a private session, or host a party for your married friends at our home Studio. Each participant will recieve a discounted session fee and a private session in our studio. These images make a beautiful gift for your husband, or yourself. You are amazing, and I want to help prove it to you. However you define sexy, I promise you, he will agree. For more examples, please visit our client galleries, and click on Satin Sessions.
Thank you so much to Tina for allowing us to share these beautiful images with you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kim's Maternity Session

Kim, Rus and Kala are expeciting a new addition this Friday! I had so much fun during this session. Kala is an amazing little girl and has the most adorable expressions. Kim and Rus go to the same church as Brent and I, so it was great talking with them about some of the lessons, and things we have been dealing with. This past week has been great with so many expectant women, I am thrilled to meet all the new babies!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ellie's Maternity Session

Ellie, Colin, Simone and Cecily took time Thursday evening to capture this precious time before the new baby arrives. Ellie looks amazing, and her belly has such a great shape to it. It was so much fun talking about all the changes that we go through during pregnancy. I love taking pregnancy portraits, as I feel that this has got to be the most feminine time in our lives. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Simone & Cecily

After taking some portraits with their mom and dad during a maternity session, Simone and Cecily decided it was their turn! This was so much fun to do becuase the girls were in charge. They were ready and willing participants in the excitement and fun of getting portraits taken. I am very lucky to call these cuties my neighbors!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Junior League

Saturday the 15th, Junior League of Lansing hosted their annual signature fundraiser at the Country Club of Lansing. The theme this year was A Night in New York and included gambling, dancing, drinks and a runway show! This event was a lot of fun and I had to share the AMAZING cake made by A Piece of Cake in East Lansing.


My step sister Sarah came over Wednesday night to visit. We don't get to see them as often as we would like, so it was a special treat. Claire is so fun and was running all over the place. Austin had a great time trying to keep up with her. These images were so much fun and she was such a ham, I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. I love my job!

Cullen Family

The Cullen family stopped in Tuesday evening for a family portrait session. We were lucky that it wasn't too freezing and we were able to take a few portraits outside! The boys were so much fun and I love the bright eyes. We met the Cullen's at our church, Trinity, and feel so blessed to be a part of the amazing community of families at our church.

Santa Baby

We had this idea to stick a hat on our son Austin and take some santa baby images in just a diaper for our Christmas card. Wow, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Austin is very used to getting his picture taken, and he likes to play in the studio. Which means we end up chasing him all over the place and trying to stick a hat on that he keeps throwing off. Add to that his fearless climbing onto things way to tall for him and his attraction to everything technical, it makes for a very entertaining half hour! So next time you come in for portraits and your children are running everywhere, you are singing songs to distract them, and are slightly tortuing them by putting a silly hat on over and over,... don't worry, we do it too!

Plath Maternity Session

Hattie and Kent are expecting their first child (a boy) the end of this month. I always think it is so amazing how people find us, and I am so glad to have met these two. They are from about 45-50 minutes away from our studio, and made the drive two weeks before her due date! These portraits really show how in love they are with eachother and their new baby. I can't wait to meet him sometime next month.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mason Family

The Mason Family lives just down the street from us and I am so glad we finally had the chance to take their portraits! Johnny is an awesome kid, and very enthusiastic Spartan fan. Riley is six months old and absolutely adorable. We feel so blessed to have such great neighbors!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caitlin's Indoor Session

After a hectic week, Caitlin stopped in for her senior portrait studio session. It was great to see her again and I remembered how much fun and how natural she is in front of the camera. Caitlin used to dance quite a bit, so we (Brent took quite a few of the indoor images) also had the chance to take a few dance shots (which is always fun for me!!).