Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dan & Kendal

Dan and Kendal are getting married on 8-8-08! Our engagement session was georgeous, with perfect lighting and temperature. We even managed to avoid mosquitos. I am very excited for thier wedding, Kendal has an amazing smile and beautiful long hair, and I am sure she will be a beautiful bride!

Noah's One Year Session

The first time I met Noah, he was a day old, still in the hospital. It is crazy to think that that special day was a year ago! Noah is a tall little boy with awesome blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He and my son Austin could pass for brothers. He is also a walker, which makes posing in the studio a bit of a challenge, but these images are so worth it. I look forward to watching him grow up. (but not too fast!)

Dykstra Family

Saturday evening we spent time with the Dykstra Family at the MSU Gardens. Matt, Leesa and Noah are good friends of ours, and it is amazing to watch thier little one grow up. Later that evening we met in the studio for his one year portraits. I joke that I have been the official family photographer for this couple because we have been with them for engagement, wedding, maternity, family, infant, three month, six month and now one year portraits. It is an amazing gift to watch families grow and blossom!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mitcham Family

Man, I love summer. The lighting at 6:30-7:30pm is perfect for portraits. This evening was especially beautiful for the Mitcham family with the perfect amount of cloud cover and light. They dreamed of getting thier two beautiful huskies in a portrait, and I got some really funny ones. The dogs were a lot more interested in the treats than in looking at me, but I think I got a few cute ones.. Check out thier gallery later this weekend for all the fun images.

Amanda's Studio Session

So, I love taking senior portraits. During Amanda's session I think it hit me that these portraits are so much fun, and can really display personality and beauty all wrapped up in one package! (And with Amanda, she has it all anyway, so it took very little to capture it!) Her outdoor session will be soon, and I am so looking forward to meeting her dog Blue.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Brie & Norm

Wow. This wedding was amazing. The ceremony took place outside at the Eagle Eye Golf Club, with the reception following at the Country Club of Lansing. I have been to quite a few weddings, so needless to say, I have heard a lot of vows. The emotion always catches up with me, and normally I handle it quite well, but at this wedding, Brie's vows brought tears to my eyes. They were beautifully written and very heart felt. The couple was a lot of fun, and the bridal party always had something exciting up thier sleeves!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kelly & Jessica

So these two cuties are new friends of mine that I met through an awesome nurse, thier mommy! We had a lot of fun playing the jumping game in the studio, and a bit of running around, and of course playing with the baby. I absolutely love the way these girls smile. Thier entire face lights up, and they have adorable dimples! I am looking forward to displaying a few of these images in my favorite pediatrician's office...

Danielle & Jim

So I am a little behind in posting, but these are a few of my favorites from the wedding of Danielle and Jim this past Saturday afternoon. They braved the elements for an outdoor ceremony at the MSU Gardens. The rain let up during the ceremony and we had plenty of time for portraits and the reception. The ceremony was beautiful and although they were inturrepted by a breif 'train intermission', the musicians were fantastic. Congratulations Danielle & Jim!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Venitian Festival

This Sunday, after a busy week of portraits and weddings, our little family hit the beach for the St. Joseph Venitian Festival. Brent, his brother Scott, and our friends Mark, Sylvester and Matt entered the four on four volleyball tournament and the ladies (Me, Kim, Beth and Lessa) sat the sidelines with our little ones eating dirt, eachother's snacks and anything else they could get thier hands on. The day started out sprinkling, but cleared up for a beautiful afternoon spent swimming in Lake Michigan. What a great state to live in. All our other images from the tournament are available at our client gallery.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sara & Andrew

So Andrew isn't the biggest fan of getting his pictures taken, but because he loves Sara, he was willing to endure the torture. You can't tell from the images either! This shoot was a laugh because Sara and Andrew have a great sense of humor, and were willing to try even my corny ideas... I love the ones where they are laughing and having a good time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Andrea & Garrett

Sunday evening was perfect for portraits! The weather was nice, not too hot, not too cold, and at 7pm, the sky was a bit overcast, with a light breeze. The gardens were very popular that night, we saw at least three other couples and a senior all getting portraits taken! Garrett and Andrea were all about the images, as we ran around and tried a bunch of different things. Garrett said that his dad was a photographer, so I am sure he is used to being a test subject! These are a couple of my favorite shots. The couple is getting married at SVSU, so that is why I love the sweatshirt picture so much!

Michael Emmons

Michael is six months old (about two weeks younger than my son Austin), and is on the move!
It is so great to photograph him as he grows up. I love these portraits with his personality shining through. He is a very smilely baby, and was so good for pictures. We will be together again this fall for family portraits, and his 9 month session!

Nikki & Ohmahr

Nikki and Ohmahr were married July 5, 2008 at the Detroit Marriott Hotel. The ceremony was perfect, beautiful weather without a cloud in the sky. The couple's children, Treyvon and Ohmahr Jr. were adorable and made for some cute family portraits. This wedding was a lot of fun and also incorprated the dedication of thier children into the reception.

Joyce Fitness Shots

Brent spent Sunday morning at the track... His first sport and fitness session was a huge success. The images are awesome and I am sure that Joyce (the featured model) will love them in her portfolio. I am super excited to recreate some of these images with high school athletes for thier senior pictures.