Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dan & Whitney

Whitney and Dan were so much fun to hang out with. This couple has amazing chemistry and are very laid back and easy going.. I knew it was going to be great when they got out of the car wearing blue (my favorite color)! I love this location because it has a different attitude than the other gardens, with an edgier feel and more outdoorsy attitude. We had two trains go by and got this last shot right before I went blind for about 30 seconds... I wouldn't reccomend staring into the face of the sun, but was totally worth it.

The Beauman Brothers

As school starts back up in Michigan, it is time for everyone's favorite day, Picture Day. I fondly remember the little black combs in the hallway next to the warped fun-house style mirror, teasing my bangs, picking out the perfect outfit... I also remember forgetting about picture day and wearing one of my least favorite sweaters which happened to match the blue background, standard for all my school portraits. While I love looking back at them, I wish my mom had done what Andrew (first two images) and Nick's (second two) mom did this year. She wanted something different and was tired of the same old thing every year, so we met at the park and created some cool school portraits for this school year. Email us at for more information on cool school shots!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This senior session was so much fun for me. Hilary is a tall beautiful blonde with great posture and an amazing personality. Hilary's parents are close friends of ours, and I felt so honored to take her portraits. I have a few different locations that I love to photograph, and she chose one that I had only been to once for a family session. I kept finding different spots with amazing light and really cool scenery. I am glad she was willing to experiment and try some weird locations (standing against a silo...). These are a few of my favorites, but there are many more to come in her proof gallery.


Michael is a big outdoors and watersports guy, so we hung out at the river and near a pond for most of his session. Hopefully he doesn't think I am a crazy person after that last shot of him with his mac book... his mom had the idea to capture him with it, and I got down on the floor for what I think is a pretty cool image. The weather was really nice too! (I feel like a weather man, but it really makes a big difference, and with Mike's clothing, it looks like it could've been about 50 degrees out..)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Amanda & Steve

Amanda and Steve were married Saturday afternoon in Kalamazoo. The ceremony was beautiful and very Christ centered. We share quite a few things in common with these two, including our faith and our love for High School Youth Ministry! The weather was really nice and we managed to hide in the shade for a few of these shots. The top image is almost exactly like the one they chose from thier engagement session for the wedding invitation. The enitre wedding will be up in about a week, but until then, enjoy this little sample. Congrats Amanda and Steve!

Lugnuts Game

I thought I would share some fun personal photos with you all this week. This was last Thursday at the Lansing Lugnuts Baseball Game. The top image is my husband, Brent, with our son Austin (8 months). Then me of course, followed by a cute family picture of Brent's brother Scott, his wife Janelle (who is due any day now) and thier daughter Ashley (2). The last picture is my babysitter Erica, who was also at the game that day with her boyfriend Cody. It was a lot of fun. I think people look at me strangely when I am running around with a huge camera at a sporting event, and telling people where to pose... I think it is just part of my nature! Anyway, Austin loves being around people and all the activity. He slept very well that night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Archambeault Family

I feel so honored to have met and spent time with this great family. This is the first time in about 14 years, that the Archambeaults have had family portraits taken. I think they turned out great, and I love the coordinating color selection for the guys and the girls. Molly (the 8 yr old puppy in the top picture) was very scared of the camera and I only managed to get a couple shots where she is looking my way and not trying to hide from me. Poor baby, all she wanted to do was take a walk in the park, and a mean lady popped out of the bushes with an evil camera. Hopefully she isn't too scarred!

The middle picture in blcak in white is my favorite, I love how they are all smiling at eachother, and have great expressions. You can tell they are a close family. I look forward to Lindsey's Senior Pictures!


Addison was such a little sweetheart las Sunday afternoon. We played at the Gardens and captured some really cute images. She loved the water fountain in the middle of the park, and took a break to play in it with her daddy! I love the top picture. A little Diva in the making!

Dan & Kendal's Wedding

I met this beautiful couple when they first started dating. It was so great to be a part of their wedding day. I don't think I have ever seen two people with bigger smiles, all day long. The ceremony took place in Dan's parents beautifully landscaped backyard, and was followed by the reception at South Lansing Church of Christ. (The couple also honored grandparents celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary by giving them a cake to cut. It was really neat. Also a first for me, the bridal party toasted with Mountain Dew! Hilarious.) Congrats Dan and Kendal!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Selah, Shiloh & Levi

These three cutie pies are the kids of good friends of ours. Selah is my favorite little girl to photograph and I will tell you why. She is more than willing to have her picture taken, she does all her own poses and takes direction very very well, she has amazing eyes, she is hilarious, and tonight, she was a rockstar. Literally, she kept calling her self a rockstar. It was awesome.
Shiloh and Levi were great too, we tried forever to get a bigger smile out of Levi, but alas, sometimes, the grin is all you get. Shiloh did amazing as she smiled away and thought the flash was funny. It was a lot of fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Laura's Senior Session was a lot of fun she had really pretty and funky outfits to photograph. I love how the sun played off her beautiful red hair. Sunset was an awesome time to capture how pretty she is!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saugatuck Beach Shoot

This week I(Brent) collaborated with another photographer (Holly Preville) on a beach shoot on Lake Michigan. Holly is also a talented Make Up Artist which was helpful. The models were Chelse, Christina, and Stacia.