Friday, October 23, 2009

Zack & Sarah

Zack and Sarah were so much fun to work with! I am super excited about their wedding next year. They are planning on a winter wedding in Frankenmuth, a beautiful little Bavarian town that absolutely sparkles during the holidays. The reception site will even have a 40 foot Christmas tree! How cool will that be! Now I just have to find the patience to wait until December of 2010.....

Engagement at Beal Gardens

While photographing Zack and Sarah's engagement portraits on MSU's campus, we came across a note taped to the Library fountain. It was accompanied by a rose, and being nosy, I opened it and realized that it was the second to last clue in a proposal scavenger hunt! (No I didn't read the entire letter, I am not that nosy :) So we kept on our little journey and found the anxious guy setting up a beautiful area with a blanket, roses and candles. I introduced myself and let him know that if we were in the area when his lucky lady arrived, that I would try to snap a few pictures. Sarah and Zack were totally on board, so we loitered a bit, and took a few images of the proposal. She said yes, and it was very cool to be able to help them capture a pivital moment in their lives. Men, if you are thinking of proposing, I would be more than happy to hide in the bushes!


Tessa started out the session a little sleepy, waking up from her nap in the car, and unwilling to crack a smile. I was glad that she shook off the sleepies as soon as we changed her into her giraffe suit, and was hilarious for the rest of the time! She was a total angel, and let us change her outfit five times!! Naked was definitely her favorite.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


At three months old, normally you can get a few good smiles, and some adorable tummy time pictures. Abby made me work for the few smiles she gave, although she was an an excellent baby through the entire session. I can't wait for her six month session!

Aliana & Sofia

In true fairy fashion, Aliana and Sofia arrived with wings and a smile for their portrait session. I love what a helper Aliana is, showing Sofia how to work her wings. These two are so precious, and the innocence and sweetness of their Tinkerbell outfits!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Portraits - Saturday October 31st!

Make us your first stop this Halloween!

We will be turning our Garage into a studio for portraits of your cute and creepy costumes in exchange for a non-perishable food donation to benefit the Holt Food Bank!

Sessions begin at 12pm and end at 7:30pm. Parents will recieve a 4x6 image of their children following the event. (Multiple child families will recieve a 4x6 of each child and one of children together.) Please call Kristy at 517-980-4600 or visit for more details!

Feel free to email us for our address or more information at

Happy Halloween!

I decided to get a bit crafty with our 22 month old son Austin and make some Halloween cards this year. I saw the idea a while ago in a magazine and thought it was adorable. The cards turned out great, and Austin loved painting his foot!

Julie & Doug

During a jumping shot, one of the bridesmaids flower bouquets basically exploded. It was hilarious and made for one of my favorite portrait sequences this year!

Julie and Doug were married at Yarrow Golf Club in September. It was a beautiful afternoon and the weather and sunset were amazing. The groom and four of his groomsmen all serve as firefighters. The dynamic and laughter between the guys was contagious and they also suited up for a steamy garter grab! It was awesome - to check out their reception, visit

Nick M. Senior Portraits

Nick was a bit reluctant to have his senior portraits taken.. I think guys tend to think they are going to some 'glamor shots' type session where they will feel totally uncomfortable, have to make cheesy smiles, and lean gently on their hands. This is not at all what a typical guys portrait session is like. We relax, talk, walk around, try some things, and pretty soon, they are done! No dorky jokes (ok, I may be bit dorky....), big productions or awkward poses. Nick's images turned out great and reflect his personality. To view more online, click

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ludwig Family

Sophie, Erin and Phil made the drive from Mt. Pleasant to Holt for a few updated family pictures. Phil is my cousin, so it was great to have them visit for the afternoon. Sophie is also hilarious. She has a huge personality and smile. The little sparkle of mischief in her eyes rarely fades, and I hope it never does.


Andy has the most adorable smile! I really enjoy spending time getting to know these little guys, and I am blessed that Andy is the son of my best friend from high school. So I get to see him a bit more than many of my other clients. For his six month session, we started outside, but he was not thrilled with the bright sun, or the wet grass, although the wood chips were very tasty.. So we went back to the studio and captured a few awesome smiles!