Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justin & Jenny

Jenny and Justin were married on May 8th at the People's Church in East Lansing. The weather was a little bit crazy, with rain on and off all day, followed by crazy wind and then sunshine in the evening. Don't let the warm tones fool you, it was freezing cold out... We were so happy that the bride toughed it out and I love the stormy images! Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Morris, we had so much fun freezing at your wedding!


Newborn Emmaline Rose had the perfect mix of sleepy time and awake time during her session. She was even alert and smiling for the first shots, and out cold for the shots of her alone. The bottom image and the images with her little hat are some of my favorite newborn portraits ever. Her little lips pout perfectly and her skin is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition Chetta & Alex!


Baby Aubrielle was so sweet and tiny! We actually had two separate sessions with her, the first with the entire family, and the second with just mom, dad and baby. It worked out great, although I had an idea to try and prop her up in the bag (yes it would have been super cute!!) but she was NOT happy about it, so we abandoned the mission, and set her down with her tooshie in the bag instead. I love the results and I cannot wait to see her again this fall!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Erin & Derek

Brent and our assistant Emily spent an evening at the gardens with newly engaged couple Erin and Derek. The two are getting married on New Years Eve, how cool is that. I am sure it will be an awesome party! Congrats you two!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Savannah

Savannah is the beautiful daughter of good friends of ours. She was a little over five pounds when she came in for her session, and I could not believe how perfect and tiny she was. I love that we were able to capture a few little smiles from her, and that she let me try so many different shots while she slept! Welcome to the world little princess!

Cameron in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor sessions with boys are pretty perfect. Cameron loved to pick up sticks and at one point had three that he was carrying around. He was a bit shy at first, but had fun just exploring as we walked around the park. I tend to make funny noises and sing crazy songs to get their attention, so if you see me at a park, do not be frightened, that is pretty normal for me. Although if I am alone, you may want to call someone.....

Ronan F.

When I started my photography business, I had no idea of the amazing relationships that I would build with clients, and how much they would bless my life. I also had no clue that through photography I would be able to reconnect with old friends from high school and be able to see them get married and their families grow! Little Ronan is the son of a friend from high school who I had not seen in about ten years. I am so glad that I get the chance to help him remember these amazing times and I was so excited to meet his awesome wife! Congratulations First family!