Friday, October 23, 2009

Engagement at Beal Gardens

While photographing Zack and Sarah's engagement portraits on MSU's campus, we came across a note taped to the Library fountain. It was accompanied by a rose, and being nosy, I opened it and realized that it was the second to last clue in a proposal scavenger hunt! (No I didn't read the entire letter, I am not that nosy :) So we kept on our little journey and found the anxious guy setting up a beautiful area with a blanket, roses and candles. I introduced myself and let him know that if we were in the area when his lucky lady arrived, that I would try to snap a few pictures. Sarah and Zack were totally on board, so we loitered a bit, and took a few images of the proposal. She said yes, and it was very cool to be able to help them capture a pivital moment in their lives. Men, if you are thinking of proposing, I would be more than happy to hide in the bushes!


Ellie said...

Really. You are truly a gift Kristy. Keep on shooting!

Anonymous said...

Only you, Kristy! And this is one of the reasons I enjoy calling you a friend. You're so funny! ---Kim S.