Thursday, August 21, 2008

Archambeault Family

I feel so honored to have met and spent time with this great family. This is the first time in about 14 years, that the Archambeaults have had family portraits taken. I think they turned out great, and I love the coordinating color selection for the guys and the girls. Molly (the 8 yr old puppy in the top picture) was very scared of the camera and I only managed to get a couple shots where she is looking my way and not trying to hide from me. Poor baby, all she wanted to do was take a walk in the park, and a mean lady popped out of the bushes with an evil camera. Hopefully she isn't too scarred!

The middle picture in blcak in white is my favorite, I love how they are all smiling at eachother, and have great expressions. You can tell they are a close family. I look forward to Lindsey's Senior Pictures!

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