Friday, June 26, 2009


I love our frist year packages. Not only do I get to know these amazing little ones and watch them grow, I also become friends with some amazing families. Hattie and Ken are so much fun to hang out with. They have awakened my tastes to pecan pancakes at the Cracker Barrell, and taught me more about geese, than I think I would like to know.
One of my favorite shots lately has to be babies wrapped in a towel. This one is pretty simple to do at home as well. If you have a big white sheet or comforter, lay it down next to the biggest brightest window in your home. (You can also prop the white sheet from a chair to create a white background as well. Then throw a white towel over your dipered baby and presto, cutie pie picture that draws you straight to your baby's eyes. One warning, this pretty much only works for babies before they can crawl.... After that, the tend to escape, throw the towel, rip down the background - general baby mayhem... Good luck and email me your towel pics if you decide to try one!

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