Monday, June 22, 2009


Bailey is such a sweet little girl. She is six months old and was mezmorized by all the studio lights. I should warn parents before we get started that I am slightly crazy. The warning would read as follows:
Parental Warning: During your session I may make animal sounds, shake random objects, squeak ducks, fake laugh, sneeze and make fart noises, say you child's name about 1,000 times in different tones, voices and pitches, trip over my own feet, let your child pee all over the studio, clap my hands, sing songs, play peekabo, blow bubbles and utilize other methods of attracting your child's attention. Do not be alarmed, all of these methods are completely normal and have been tested for your safety on my son Austin. If at any point, you feel the need to rattle your keys, fake burp, sing your child's favorite song, clap loudly, clean up spit up.... do not worry. I have done it all, am not secretly recording you and pass no judgement whatsoever on your singing voice. Please direct any questions to the management. (He will be napping from 2-4pm and goes to bed at 8pm nightly)

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Ellie said...

LOL. Kristy, you make me smile. I was just having a rough go of it and I missed you and you made me smile!