Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to Work, if I can call it that....

We are back to work around here, and life could not be better. We are very blessed to have amazing clients who understand that occasionally nusing a newborn trumps taking a portrait, and that things may be a little bit noisier around here for a while! I have learned to be more patient and appreciate the quiet times, and really get to know the amazing parents who visit us. (I love that our son Austin calls our clients, our 'Guests'.)

The last few weeks we have had more newborn sessions than any previous month of our business. I will be posting them here this weekend, and thought I would start with this little disclaimer about our life right now -

A Normal Day for Kristy

Starts around 3am, or 5am, or 2am, all depending on the demands of an 8 week old.
Includes diapering, feeding, clothing, singing, running, bathing, driving, bartering, laughing, learning, praying, more feeding, more diapering..... and ocassionally sleeping.
May also include typing, shooting (with a camera), emailing, blogging, phoning, editing, reading, uploading.... and occasionally eating out (you will notice cooking did not appear above :).

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