Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our New Nephew

This morning at 6:07, Brent's brother Scott and his wife Janelle welcomed their new baby boy, Nicholas Scott Taylor to the world. He was 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long. He has beautiful short darkish hair, and amazing chubby cheeks! His big sister Ashley was very proud and ready to hold him when she got the the hospital. Janelle is doing fantastic and has a amazing best case scenario birth story. It is actually very cool that this morning, I woke up at 3am and felt compelled to pray for Janelle and a specific part of her labor and delivery. I have been told to pray for something very specific, and you will be able to see God working. That is the truth, because at 3:15am, her water broke, and this afternoon she told me that the specifics I was praying about went perfectly. Our God is amazing and I am so thankful for this beautiful new addition to the Taylor family.

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Leesa said...

Congratulations to Scott and Janelle! The baby is just beautiful and I'm so thankful that he made a safe entry into the world. Of course, Kristy you took some amazing pictures of the family.