Thursday, February 5, 2009

Midway and Wandering

This afternoon Brent and I went to the Midway museum on the biggest ship we have ever seen. It really is amazing to think of all those servicemen in the cramped quarters for months at a time. This aircraft carrier has been in active service since 1945 and served in WWII and the Gulf War. The amount of teamwork it requires to catapult a ship from the deck of a ship, and again to land one on the length of three football fields is almost incomprehensible. It also made me think of Brent's grandparents who both served in World War II. Grandpa Ruhinen flew B-52 bommers on the Pacific front, and his Grandpa Taylor served building runways in areas that had been taken over. Anyway, it was a pretty neat experience and I spent most of the morning walking around. Yay for warm weather!

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Ellie said...

Oh Kristy, beautiful. I LOVE the last photo. My Grandpa also flew B-52's. HOW COOL to know we have even more connections than we already knew!