Monday, May 18, 2009

Whitney & Dan

Wow. This weekend we attended Dan & Whitney's wedding in Grand Rapids. The ceremony was at a beautiful and ornate chruch downtown at St. Mary's; followed by a reception at Eve at the B.O.B. These two locations were amazing to photograph and we seriously could have spent days taking pictures of these two. (I mean look at them!) The church had a peeling paint, old stone, stained glass and arched celiling feel to it, while the Eve at the B.O.B. was very edgy, contemporary, simple and striking. It was such a fun challenge to create portraits at the two very different places. At the reception, Brent and I were seated with two couples that are friends of ours, which made the reception so much fun! I even danced :) Congratulations Whitney and Dan! We wish you two all the best.

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Whitney Belprez said...

Kristy, we had so much fun with you Brent on Saturday! These preliminary photos are gorgeous and I'm so glad you had a good time!